There are the earliest remains of a church at this site which date back to the 13th century. The ancient well is older still, indicating that this was a pre-Christian spiritual site.

  • Magilligan beach

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The holy well, situated at St Aidan’s Church originates from the legend that part of St Aidan’s body was buried here in a cairn by St. Colman, a Celtic abbot in 664AD on his way to found a new monastery in Mayo. As the well was close to the grave, St Coleman allegedly blessed the well and dedicated it to St.Aidan. This gave rise to the local folklore that water from the well has legendary healing powers.The renowned blind harpist from Magilligan, Denis O’ Hampsey who died in 1807 at the age of 112 is also buried here. He was said to be the last of the bards and reportedly played “Danny Boy”, then known as O’Cahan’s Lament for Bonnie Prince Charles.

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